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Thanks for looking at this site. We appreciate your interest.

With the form below you can announce how you want support our work, leave a comment and then proceed with a Paypal-payment.

You can donate directly without using the form below (but be aware, that with the form below you can comment and indicate your service-preferences). Then simply go to the Paypal-Button

Remark: The following has two functions: you can submit an announcement telling us, how you want us to use your donation and it is a calculator helping you to get the right amount if for example you wish us to plant 4 trees for you.

I wish to support Arbofilias work by:

a donation of regular trees typical for this region, à US $ 12,-
a donation of very rare and valuable tree(s) (Rosewood, Ironwood, etc), à US $ 50,-
adopting hectares of forest/land (the forest/land will be protected and administered by Arbofilia, à US $ 5000
a donation for general programme support
Total: US $
The Total would be what you would need transfer by paypal to achieve your bit of nature conservation in Costa Rica.
If you want donate this now (without

Family Name:
Street/P.O. Box:
City, Postal Code:    
State, Country:    

please mail me a picture of the tree(s), i have paid for (service only for rare/valuable category)

I am interested in general information about restoration of forests/eco-systems and wish to receive messages on this matter
I am interested in receiving general information about the work and views of Arbofilia

additional remarks or thoughts:

feel free to share with us