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Our answer:
restoration and education

Twenty years ago, our organization began planting trees to protect water catchment areas in order to improve the water supply for the local population. We are still planting trees. But now we want to carry our message further, educate more people and get them involved. Not only are the rainforests themselves shrinking, but traditional forest management methods are being abandoned and forgotten as farmers focus on what they learn from the agro-industry and the needs of foreign investors.

Our main project today is the Carara Ecological Corridor. Planting there is difficult and expensive. It is a mountainous region with steep slopes and poor roads, most of which are not accessible year-round. Often we don't find all the seed trees needed and have to 'import' seeds.

While most trees planted in Costa Rica nowadays are foreign or exotic species that are being raised on plantations for investment, we plant local species for nature restoration. We work with more than 200 species. This is a very different approach. We believe that you can't take from nature all the time without also replenishing adequately.

To restore natural forests, to provide fruit or nesting sites for birds, you have to progress stepwise. Some of the species we plant are protected, like Rosewood or Ironwood. The seedlings for some trees are vulnerable, so we start by planting pioneer species first so that they can provide shade, the right micro-climate and improve the soil. Once these trees are established, in five or seven years, we can plant the more sensitive trees.

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