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The problem:
degradation and fragmentation

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise. It has pristine beaches, breathtaking wildlife and an amazing diversity of trees in its great forests. Unfortunately, Costa Rica's nature is also threatened, and the country is losing its natural heritage. Ancient trees are being cut down for timber, forests are being converted into plantations, and the beautiful coast line is increasingly being developed into tourist resorts.

You don't have to be an expert to see what's happening. Watch out and you see sceneries similar to the pictures on this page.

This development has its impact. When the rainforest is cleared, animals lose their habitats and are left unable to find food or necessary nesting sites.

The forests lose their biological integrity, becoming degraded and fragmented. This leaves them increasingly unstable and less able to adapt to climate changes. And as water supplies become polluted and clean water more scarce, the local people suffer as well. We also observe an increasing number of landslides.